Fine Art

Nicole Murray B.Ed(Arts & Crafts), MCAE (Melbourne)1988, has been an artist all her life, and trained formally in painting, sculpture and woodcraft in Melbourne, working with such luminaries as Peter Corlett and Peter Smales. Her lifelong practice has moved between painting and sculpture, and also reflects her other life as a musician. In 2003 her solo show in Kyneton was called “The People of the Music”, a collection of works about folk music, including many portraits of musicians, and is a reference to folk music’s role as ‘the music of the people’.

In 2012 she showed portraits of iconic fiddle players, painted in a traditionally orthodox icon style with gold leaf on panel, at the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention in Derry, Northern Ireland.

In the last decade, with a constant touring schedule as an in-demand performer, her artworks have generally been 2D and executed in oils or acrylics, to fit into manageable time-frames between tours.


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